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Jst wow💓
Apne kiya balna sahate ho back Koro video.
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The is my Own Village . Dhunu (the Lead) Maina (on location sound recordist=) and the Directior Rima Das are real Sisters . Proud of my Sisters.
Dammmmm sucharita looking fine..... lol
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we are proud of you Rima das
Hats off Rima Das


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Is this India's official entry to the Oscars ? Why do they always highlight only the poverty in India ?.
Oscar nominated Village Rockstars is a realistic movie full of enjoyment . This movie proves the power of One Woman Army. Till now 44 International & National Awards won by this movie. ..
This video is trying to misinterpret things... Plz don't make such videos.. If you have the craze of making videos then make something from which everyone gets benefited....

Love from india..BroThis is Rima telling her own story through the filmSuch an amazing woman... great to see such humbleness... truly an inspiration for lover of cinemas... thank you for making such a movie.. would love to see more work of yours in coming ticket prices village cinemasthese are Urban Rockstars...I'm in the US, how can we watch this movie? Really want to watch it. It's shocking that she did MOST of the work herself!! my god!! Salute Rima Das didi!.

Guitar kharredne ke paise hamare pass bhi nagyi.... Bc kitna mehenga hota hai
Jaby reacting a movie of my native language ...*this is what true happiness feels like :)

Velage rock ster is no 1 bestSalman khan ar flim bilak অসমৰ হল অত বন্ধ কৰি দিব লাগে।I'm your new subscriber.. nice video...One of the best films ever madeSalman Nonsense...শৈশবের কথা মনে পরে গেল...!!!This film represented the dream of the urban kids of assam in india, i also belong from that side from which the film shootedthnx 4 ur review.. love from Assam ❤

All the best Rima Das Ami asu apunar logot

I love your scripts... In this review I really liked the mention of low angle shot. This is how a review should say about the technicalities of films. Very good!!.Assam is Awesome Proud to be Assamese Jay aai Oxom Jay Roma dasCongrats mamlittle girl's performance was lit🔥🔥🔥🔥village rockstars full movieThanks Sir Love From AssamIt's a proud moment for all of us.. keep it up Rima baa.. We are proud of you

Without manners, the human body is like the house of the dead FROM ASSAM Thank You. It StupidIt's niceVillage"(2018)"English"Full"Movie"Free"Download Watch Village Rockstars full movie to download.I dont understand why people see salman khans movie 😷😝Village+Rockstars+movie makerval lagiseJaby plz react to Zubeen Garg's Omanikha song, he is a legend of Assam,plz react

2:49 i'm not a fan of Salman but he actually funds a charity that provides education & healthcare services for underprivileged kids in India called being human also Aamir has the Aamir khan foundation that provides aid & amenities in rural India.


Love form AssamMst movieparagon village movievillage cinemas movie pricesKaha dikneko milega ye film????? Please suggest me, anywhere in indiaThis looks so refreshing!Who's here after oscar entry??




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